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About Us
MPES employs professionals who have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge about size reduction process, particularly on grinding. As well as the main profession, grinding, MPES proposes solutions for mineral processing unit operations in general.
MPES also provides mining engineering services, particularly on mine equipment selection and economic analysis of the mine investments. Having the knowledge of applying the theory to correct practical deviations, MPES provides industrial and academical solutions for mining and mineral processing industry.
MPES - mill process engineering solutions
AE - abrasion experiments
BBME - batch ball mill experiments
MPES offers Engineering Services for Mineral Processing systems. Particularly, customized solutions for mill+classifiers circuits. The Engineering Services offered by the MPES...
MPES provides several calculators and software to make your calculations easier and faster. Also provides custom created software service for your own purpose. Some of the software...
Customized mining and mineral processing software for your purpose...